Vacation Fun for Spellers

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Going on a family vacation can be a challenge for those who have difficulty controlling their bodies, and dysregulation can increase in unfamiliar surroundings. A lesson on current events can be an excellent way to engage the mind in a natural way, but here are some other ideas for engaging the body and practicing purposeful movement.

1. Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic tac toe is a great way to interact between family members of all ages when a trained communication partner is not readily available. A giant version of the game is perfect for gross motor practice, or you can choose a travel version for portability.

 2. Dry Erase Activities
Mazes, word searches, or even coloring and tracing pages turn into dry erase activities if you slip the page inside a page protector. We recommend putting together a binder of different activities that can be alternated depending on how tired your student's eyes may be. Perfect for passing time on planes, trains and automobiles.  We likes these choices because of their eco- and sensory-friendliness (low odor). 
3. I-Spy Activity
A pencil pouch with a clear front makes a great addition to your binder from above. Fill it with poly beads and your own selection of buttons, beads, small erasers, etc. (about two dozen, at least). Make sure you create a checklist of all the items inside for reference, then fill the pouch with beads and items and hot glue or duct tape the zipper shut.  The pouch below comes in several colors, and the beads are the same material found in weighted blankets.
We'd love to hear more ideas you have for entertaining and practicing skills on vacation. Comment below!

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