Who We Are

Spellers Learn was founded in 2018 with two goals in mind:
  1. To provide a rich and diverse library of educational resources to the community of learners who spell to communicate; and
  2. Offer an income-producing platform for sharing those resources, sourced by the many individuals who create them.
Our family found Spelling to Communicate (S2C) in 2016 after having little success establishing purposeful communication with our autistic son via other modalities. Using S2C, the true nature of his intellect was revealed... proving that his autism is a sensory, motor planning, and speech disability; not a cognitive or behavioral one.
Like us, most families who adopt S2C must write their own lessons, using a format that supports their student's communication. For some of us, lesson writing comes easily, for others it doesn't. And our students always seem to be hungry for more.
The lack of resources and the time required to create them has become a barrier for some people wishing to use more S2C with their kids. Others have materials that took hours to create, but can only be used once with their own student. And with that, Spellers Learn was born.
It is our wish that with the resources you find here, you will be able to communicate more fully, learn more joyfully, and follow your curiosity where it leads. 
Elizabeth Zielinski
Founder, Spellers Learn
Pictured with the inspiration behind it all

founder and son