Dana Woodhouse

 Two women standing side-by-side and smiling.
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Location: Oregon; USA

What is your connection to the spelling community? 

Parent and practitioner.

How would you describe your lessons and lesson-writing style?

My random interests become the lessons I share with others, so expect anything from flamingos to monkeys in space! If it captures my interest, odds are you’ll be learning about it. I have been focusing on lessons for the parent who needs to get their confidence and the incentive to work everyday. I tend to arrange lessons so that the paragraphs could be done one per day if needed. I also supply lots of short and longer known answers. However, I’m working hard on inserting a wider variety of questions to make sure everyone can feel challenged.

What makes you see a topic and say, "I want to write a lesson about that?"

I do tend towards the unusual! Random news articles, things I see in museums, magazines and documentaries. It’s all fair game!

What's your best advice to someone new to spelled communication?

Don’t expect perfection in yourself or your speller. You’ll miss the moment and frankly, it’s those moments that make the magic and bring you closer to your speller. Do it every day. Laugh at yourself and admit when you’ve made a mistake.

Animals are the original nonspeaking beings. If you could communicate fluently with one species, which would it be and why?

Elephants. We have a lot to apologize to them about.