Heather Patton

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Location: Georgia; USA

What is your connection to the spelling community? 

I am a parent to a speller who identifies as an autistic with unreliable speech. We did not learn about letter boards until 2015, when my son was 12 years old. It was a very rough start for us at home. My son would scream at me “I know how to talk!” I did not give up because nothing about reading or teaching age appropriate material is dangerous. And he was able to spell, with a practitioner, I WANT TO STOP VERBAL VOMIT.

“The things which are most important don’t always scream the loudest.” – Bob Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia

How would you describe your lessons and lesson-writing style?

My lessons tend to be longer, written like a train of thought that has an easily readable flow. I think of my lessons as an extension outside of the typical academic topics. I like to delve deeper into our understanding of human nature. Sometimes I find a way to insert one funny line into a lesson since the topics can be heavy.

What makes you see a topic and say, "I want to write a lesson about that?"

I think teaching about psychology will help improve our understanding of ourselves and others. Knowing why you are doing something provides the inspiration and motivation needed to persevere when things go south.

History provides us with fascinating events as well as the opportunity to learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

What's your best advice to someone new to spelled communication?

I had a friend who had a mild stroke and afterwards she told me that she finally understood. She had the information in her brain, but her body would not process the action. The brain is intact. The brain understands. We should provide information to enrich life regardless of spoken output. The future is not limited to what we know today.


Animals are the original nonspeaking beings. If you could communicate fluently with one species, which would it be and why?

First in mind is dolphins. Whenever I see a dolphin I feel awe. When I touched a dolphin I felt peace. I want to know their secrets.