Isaiah Tien Grewal

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Location: Ontario, Canada

What is your connection to the spelling community? 

Speller since 2015, fluent since 2016, advocate since 2019, university student since 2020, aspiring independently-typing Avenger till I die.

How would you describe your lessons and lesson-writing style?

Either butt-kicky or tender encouragement, depending on how it's needed.

What makes you see a topic and say, "I want to write a lesson about that?"

If it's something that a speller viewpoint could contribute uniquely about.

What's your best advice to someone new to spelled communication?

Never give up. Listen to your S2C practitioner's advice. Get a community of spellers to socialize and learn with. 

Animals are the original nonspeaking beings. If you could communicate fluently with one species, which would it be and why?

Sharks - because they are likely misunderstood giants, just like me (I'm six feet and five inches tall).