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Spellers Learn is a community-sourced collection, and these are the people behind the lessons you find here. Clicking on a name will allow you to learn a bit more about your favorite writer, and find all of their lessons in one place.

Elizabeth Zielinski
Founder, Spellers Learn
Kira Bohlke
Evelyn Moldal
Gina Conger Casey Noll
Tommi Cooley Heather Patton
Tom Foti Janet Power
Tracey Ghassaei
Molly K. Rearick, EdD
Jasmin Gibbons Roxy Sewell
Isaiah Tien Grewal
Nicola Sowah
Melody Grewal
Christie Vosseller
Kelley Howe
Bryana Williams
Susie Lotharius
Dana Woodhouse
Rachel Maeroff