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Isaiah Tien Grewal

Isaiah Tien Grewal
Getting to an Awesome Life... Eventually

Isaiah is Spellers Learn's first  nonspeaking lesson writer, and his lessons about how he persevered and achieved fluent communication by using a letter board have been used for inspiration to other nonspeaking students far and wide.

Find his work by clicking here.  



Bryana Williams
The Art of Autism: Creating with Purpose

Bryana is an SLP turned S2C practitioner from the Nashville and Atlanta communities. Her lessons on Spellers Learn focus on the science of muscles and nerves, and are both richly scientific as well as helpful toward understanding an uncooperative body.

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Elizabeth Zielinski
Family Panel

Elizabeth is the founder of Spellers Learn as well as the parent of an unreliably speaking letter board user. She is known for writing math lessons in a way that makes even the most math-challenged communication partner feel confident. 

Her lessons on a variety of topics can found by clicking here.

Christine Vosseller
President, Nonspeaking Community Consortium

MotorMorphosis wouldn't happen without Christie's commitment to advocacy for the nonspeaking community. And her lesson-writing skills are legendary: many of the lessons used in the clinical practice at Growing Kids Therapy Center were written by Christie. 

Find her exclusive Spellers Learn lessons by clicking here.

Christie Vosseller