Our Values

Spellers Learn was founded upon and is led by the following values:

 Awareness is not enough.

Respect. Spellers Learn embraces the neurodiversity paradigm of autism. We believe that disability is a natural and valuable form of human diversity; and that there is not just one “right” style of neurocognitive functioning. We use the term “disabled” as a literal descriptor for a nonspeaking* person, we do not use pathologizing terms such as “low [or high] functioning” and “disorder.” 

Include. Every person is worthy of inclusion. As parents, friends, educators, professional service providers, and communication partners; we are allies in the autistic community’s goals of access, self-determination, and breaking down long-held stereotypes and cultural attitudes toward autism. We will always include meaningful involvement of nonspeaking people in the development of our services.

Educate. Education is the key to a full, independent life of one’s choosing. Our primary goal at Spellers Learn is to assist in achieving that access by providing a diverse library of educational materials that support a purposeful academic program. We presume competence in every student.


*Nonspeaking is used to describe individuals who are unable to speak, or who have minimal or unreliable speech.