Molly K. Rearick, EdD

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Location: California; USA

What is your connection to the spelling community? 

I am a communication and regulation partner for someone I consider family, a communication trainer, and a researcher in the field of supported communication. I am also an educator and non-profit leader.

How would you describe your lessons and lesson-writing style?

My writing tends to be short and sweet, leaving room for people to expand if they wish.

What makes you see a topic and say, "I want to write a lesson about that?"

Anything scientific, worldly, cultural, and/or of personal interest to me.

What's your best advice to someone new to spelled communication?

Find your community!

Animals are the original nonspeaking beings. If you could communicate fluently with one species, which would it be and why?

Octopus ... I am intrigued by their intelligence and social desires.