What's New?

Why did you change the kind of lessons you offer here?

Since this site was founded in 2018, the community of letter board users has grown a lot. We've also accumulated data about what our customers prefer to buy. What we've learned is that lessons may be easy to find, but the ones that specifically support the academic gaps that our spellers have acquired over time are not.

We realize that change is hard, and not everyone will prefer our new focus. But we believe that we continue to provide an important service to a community that is growing and changing rapidly.


Where are all the fun topics you used to have?

All learning is fun! But we have steered away from the lighter topics because home users have told us they want academics.

With a practitioner in a clinical setting, the objective is elevating a speller's skills and the pathway for doing that is a lesson. It needs to be engaging, but it doesn't need to be something you might learn in school. At home, it's typically the other way around - learning is the objective, and letter board skills are being practiced in the process.

We have also learned from our community of self-advocates that spellers want to be challenged with content, and they crave meaningful knowledge. Lighter topics have their place, certainly. It's simply not the area of need we exist to fulfill.


Where can I find all the lessons from my favorite writer?

Simply type their name, or even part of their name, into the search bar at the top of the home page.


How will I know which school grade level aligns with a lesson?

Spellers Learn does not assign grade levels for materials on the site because grade level content varies widely between school districts around the world. We recommend requesting the academic guidelines for your state or locality to learn more about which subjects are taught by grade level, and then searching for those subjects on Spellers Learn.

If you would like assistance in matching appropriate lessons to the curriculum guidelines you have, please contact us for individual advice.


Can I see the whole lesson in advance?

We always provide a preview of the lesson by showing you the first page of it before purchase. We are unable to provide the entire lesson as a preview for copyright reasons, but we are happy to work with you to make recommendations before you buy, or to answer any specific questions you have about content.


Do you have any volume discounts or cumulative benefits for frequent customers?

Those are coming soon! Make sure you're signed up to receive our newsletter announcements by creating a user account.